About Us

Radically change the way the automotive industry retains their customers. Our purpose is the answer to the simple question: Why does this company need to exist? What are we in business for, and why does it matter? Our purpose is rock solid and does not change.

To motivate/educate/provide necessary tools to every automotive service center to ensure they are able retain their customers for life. The vision illustrates the ultimate extension of our purpose. It shows what it looks like when we fully achieve our purpose. The vision is an ideal state, and one for which we continue to strive. As our business evolves and changes, our vision remains constant.

To have efficient and effective core procedures in place (including prospecting & marketing, sales, delivery, training, follow-up/results, etc…) Creating a stable and profitable business model; which is scalable and duplicate-able by simply adding resources.


I believe in clear and open communication. I am responsive to the needs of my teammates. The more I help others, the more I prosper and grow. We build upon each other’s strengths, and assist in each other’s weaknesses so the team can accomplish our goals – both personal and professional. I am a collector of ideas, none to large or too small. I am a single mind part of a larger group, all driven by a mutual vision ready to share in both victory and defeat.

It’s the burning in my soul for a cause or a purpose. It’s a fire that exudes inside and shows in my smile everyday. It’s not something you seek, it simply comes naturally. It is an unstoppable force that spreads throughout the company like a small spark turning into a burning flame. It is a sense of enthusiasm and delight I bring to everything I do. I exude boundless energy, intensity, exuberance and urgency.

I am the best I can be in my profession. I pride myself on having the knowledge that I need to succeed and surpass the goals set for me, and my wildest dreams! Others come to me for answers; they have the utmost confidence in what I do. I have a constant burning in my belly always wanting to learn more and get better at what I do.

I instill trust with my customers, prospects and co-workers. I manage and advise with innovative ideas. I am able to think outside the box but at the same time, never lose focus on what is inside the box that brought me into a leadership position. I mentor and nurture those around me, knowing that by helping others succeed that I ultimately succeed as well. I learn to appreciate those, which follow copy or mimic as the most sincere form flattery of that can ever be offered me.

“Retaining YOUR Customers for Life” It is the reason I come to work, I am accountable for retaining my own customers and at the end of the day to educate my customers on how to retain theirs. I have the ability to maintain what is mine for a long duration of time, I possess the ability to develop a captive audience.

Trust can’t be bought or sold. It can take a lifetime to earn but a mere second to lose. It is both our most valuable asset and our most vulnerable one. There is no need for question; it’s something you know you can count on. I have an instinctive, unquestioning belief in and reliance on my co-workers. I work with them and for them for an assurance of victory. I am accountable for my individual contributions and our collective achievements.

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