Loyalty Program Uses

There is no limit to what you can do with your Customer Retention Program. Below are just a few examples. Remember, our Loyalty programs can be completely customizes to your stores needs.

Pre-paid Maintenance Key Tag

Many businesses sell pre-paid maintenance packages. Why not use the Punch-A-Deal® Key Tag to identify each customer that has purchased a prepaid package. Unlike a coupon or check book, the Key Tag is with the customer 24/7 and they can never claim to have left it at home. Besides identification, these customers will also have other valuable offers and important information on their key chain – i.e. Roadside assistance number, additional discounts, and direct phone number.

Prospect Tags

Each day hundreds of prospects visit your business. Why not hand them something (other than a business card) that sets your store apart from the rest and invites them to come back in the future? Use the Punch-A-Deal® Key Tag to sell all the benefits of doing business with your store. Remember, these prospects all need service and eventually will be in the market to buy. Give them reasons and a reminder to come to you.

Personalized Key Tags

Punch-A-Deal® can be personalized by department, manufacturer, promotion, or individual employees. Imagine how your business would stand out. The customer would never forget who their service writer or sales person is. For example, a 10,000 – piece order could be divided up (separate designs) between two franchises. i.e. Toyota tag and Chevrolet tag. Example, a 5,000 piece order could all have the same design with different employee names or photos on groups of 500 tags at a time. You would take advantage of higher quantity pricing and pay a small art charge for each copy change.


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